Whenever we hear or read the words ‘Smells’ our minds always jump to a negative conclusion. Just because something smells it doesn’t necessarily mean it smells bad just means it has a scent, in fact almost everything has its own smell.

In an effort to inspire positivity and look on the bright side let’s go through ten different distinct smells... that smell good.

Popular Scents

1.Petrol- Though smelling petrol is probably not good for your health we can’t deny that it is a pleasant scent. It’s sent is unique and instantly recognizable that when asked the question what your favorite scent many people say petrol. 

2.Coffee In the morning- The smell of coffee is very pleasant but there is something special about the smell of coffee in the mornings. Even though it’s still coffee and probably smells the same we tend to appreciate the smell of coffee more in the mornings because we know we are starting the day off right.

3.Vanilla- In my opinion the lesser flavor of ice-cream, though there is no denying that vanilla has unique and magical smell to it that you just can’t get enough off.

4.Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies- Staying on the theme of sweets, there is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies combing the smell of melting chocolate and fresh cookies to create something that smells divine and taste’s just as good.

5.Rain- is equally stressful as it is relaxing. The effect of rain varies on the situation. Getting caught in the rain when going to work in the morning is nothing but an incredible annoying, but a relaxing evening stroll in the rain when you have no where you need to be is the perfect end to any day and is when you can truly appreciate how good rain smells.

6.Popcorn- There is no smell more nostalgic than the smell of freshly made popcorn. The smell often mentally associated with cinemas and theater's, though in more recent years with how expensive cinema and cinema snakes have gotten the popcorn cinema craze has died down but then again who needs the cinema when you can have a home movie night with a classic film, a blanket and fresh popcorn.

7.Freshly cut grace- There seems be a running theme of fresh smells, but if you have ever smelt freshly cut grass in a cool summer breeze you would agree that’s it’s all the motivation you need to do some gardening.

8.That New Book Smell- This could probably apply to a new anything smell, like a new car or the smell of new shoes but the smell of a new book to a reader just gets you excited for the story to come.

9.Laundry Detergent- Not only does it help you feel fresh and clean, your clothes will smell it to. You will get used to the smell rather easily since you will be smelling it daily by switching things up by using new detergent with different fragrances you can continue to enjoy the fresh scents. 

10.Freshly Cooked Food- If I listed every meal that smelt good this will be a very long list, closer resembling a menu. Even though the word food is generic is just works because when does freshly cooked food not smell good.

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